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Czech Society for Quality


We are an association bringing together a wide range of people and organizations operating in various areas of management systems.


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Czech Society for Quality

The Czech Society for Quality offers comprehensive services in quality assurance. Owing to a wide expert base and relations with foreign partners, it brings the latest knowledge in quality management and related domains to its members and customers.

Services offered
• Training (qualification courses, open courses and trainings, specialized licensing courses)
• Events and seminars for professionals (conferences, short-term seminars, meetings of
graduates, mandatory supplementary training seminars)
• System and product certification (in compliance with ISO standards, HACCP, OHSAS, CSR, GLOBAL G.A.P.)
• Personnel certification (under national schemes as well as the schemes of the European
Organization for Quality 
• Publishing house (publications in management systems and quality management instruments)

Through the Technical Standardization Centre, we actively participate in and ensure the production of technical standards on the level of international and European organizations.
Those who are interested in EFQM Excellence Model and other improvement instruments can share their experience in the framework of the Excellence Centre.