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Our members have established the following vision, mission, and values as a basis for long-term management of the CSQ.


Czech Society for Quality – a recognized centre for the development, acquisition, and dissemination of knowledge to support the success of organizations and improving the quality of life.


The development, acquisition of new knowledge in the field of quality and its management to satisfy the professional needs of its members, for the support of organizations in achieving success, and for improving the quality of life of citizens.


We profess a code of ethics and honour the following values:

Competence (we guarantee expertise and a professional approach);
Responsiveness (we are open to the needs and demands of members, other organizations, and citizens);
Agility (we are ready to react quickly to changes in the environment);
Loyalty (we are a trusted and reliable partner);
Innovation (we develop the newest knowledge and transfer it into practice);
Tradition (we build on long-term international relationships and the experience of experts);
And we want to be your partner in the quest for higher quality!


Czech society for quality
Novotneho lavka 200/5
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 221 082 269
fax: +420 221 082 229

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