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CSQ activities for members

We bring together a wide range of individuals and organizations working in different areas of management systems.

The member base of the Czech Society for Quality (CSQ) is made up of individual and collective members (companies, institutions). CSQ members have the opportunity to develop their societal activities through professional groups and branches.

CSQ offers its members the possibility of meeting one another and exchanging ideas and experiences. Membership in a number of international and national organizations, together with cooperation with leading experts, brings members the latest information on new methods and tools in the field of managements systems. There is a program of discounts on courses and seminars for CSQ members. One of the tools of communication with the member base is the CSQ Bulletin which is distributed to all members.

Please send your demands or queries to contact person.


Czech society for quality
Novotneho lavka 200/5
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 221 082 269
fax: +420 221 082 229

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